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Tomasz Cichoszewski

Information Technology Manager, , e-mail

Tomasz CichoszewskiI think I can say I'm a happy guy doing at work what I really like and enjoy - IT. Although friends say I'm a workaholic (I can't understand why!), I do have some hobbies I spend my time on out of the office too.

Imagine being suspended between the light and deep blue, almost dark abyss, in complete quiet. Feeling like flying, watching the life one could not even imagine can exist here. What is it? It's scuba diving - my latest hobby. I love spending time doing this activity during vacation. On my time out from work and sea, I dedicate mostly to my two beautiful daughters. I also enjoy playing the guitar, and skiing in the winter.

  • Wroclaw University of Technology
  • Major: Electronics – Computer Science in Technology
  • Degree: Master of Science, Engineer

Roy Goldstein

Company President, , e-mail

Roy Goldstein Outside of work, I enjoy playing my guitar. Most of what I play is jazz oriented but I also love Soul, R&B, Blues and Classic Rock. I also enjoy travelling around the world as much as I can.

  • Oberlin College
  • Major: Religion
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts and Science
  • School of Hard Knocks, New York Tri-State Area
  • Major: Data Processing

Krzysztof Pawlak

Project Manager, , e-mail

Krzysztof PawlakBesides computing my favorite activity is mountain cycling. I love to get on the bike and ride in unknown. One of the best feelings on the World is when you ride downhill at full speed. I know it is crazy, but it so exciting!

When there is a bad weather, I like to spend some time on model making. It is completely different activity than mountain cycling, but it is very enjoyable. When you create a part that has complicated shape and you know that just an hour ago it was only a scrap of paper, you are proud of your hard work. It is similar to finishing difficult program - you may spend hours on it, but the last moment is the best.

  • High School in Zelow Specialization: "Mathematics and Physics"
  • Wroclaw University of Technology - Institute of Control and Systems Engineering
  • Major: "Information Systems and Networks"
  • Degree: Master of Science, Engineer

Krzysztof Sobczyk

Project Manager, , e-mail

Krzysztof SobczykBesides working hard for ASDG and stroking my sweet cat I love to be active especially in sports: downhill skiing, riding bike, mountain walking, swimming, playing team sports like volleyball and soccer. I do all these sports activities because I like it but also because I need to lose some weight which became my permanent task.

I also like to play bridge with my friends. Some may regard this as sport but I think it is rather social activity. Besides taking care of my cat I need to remember about my small colorful fish; aquaristics is another of my hobby demanding some (sometimes too much) patience.

  • Wroclaw University of Technology: Faculty of Electronics
  • Major: Microprocessor and Microcomputer Systems
  • Degree: Master of Science, Engineer

Magdalena Kinal

Software Tester, , e-mail

Magdalena RzasowskaI think I have a positive attitude to the world. I always try to see the positive aspects of my life.

The most favorite hobby is swimming that has grown since my childhood. After work I try to go swimming as often as possible. My other hobby is reading books, I am especially fascinated by crime stories written by Joanna Chmielewska. I also love traveling, I would like to visit all the countries of the world.

  • Wroclaw University of Technology: Department of Computer Science and Management
  • Major: Information Technology in Management
  • Degree: Master of Science

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