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Since the early days of client-server architecture, we at American Software Development Group have worked with numerous databases. We create unifying interfaces that access data from varied sources, bringing together elements that had been previously separate and unworkable. This is part of how we work our magic to satisfy and exceed our customer’s requirements.


Each member of our technical team is expert in both Database Design and Structured Query Language (SQL). We consider this to be core knowledge and require all our developers to be educated and skilled in these areas.


Through many years of experience, we’ve developed the skills and maturity necessary to effectively model business reality in the relational database world. We create databases for new applications that effectively mirror current business requirements but also take into account potential future expansion and modification. Our database designs always include proper indexing strategies to maximize performance results.


We also have significant experience in database optimization and love this kind of challenge. We use our broad knowledge about database engines and advanced database programming techniques like Stored Procedures and SQL custom functions to tackle optimization challenges for our customers, which sometimes means working with tables containing billions of records. Using our knowledge and ingenuity, as an example, we’ve brought queries that were running for more than half an hour down to completing in five minutes and cut nightly batch processes that were running sometimes over eight hours in half.

Data Migration, Integration, and EDI

Over the years we’ve helped many companies with their systems migrations and integration projects. We can help you with this as well as with fulfilling your EDI requirements with your customers and suppliers. Please contact us for more information on data conversion and EDI.

On the Cutting Edge

In the IT world, anyone can stay in place. In addition to the knowledge and experience we already have, our team is constantly developing and improving itself by attending conferences, reading the latest literature, and participating in training sessions and internal knowledge sharing meetings. We frequently perform our own performance tests in a constant effort to find better and faster ways to do things.

Bottom Line

All this helps create a fun and challenging environment for our technical team as well as enabling us to share useful knowledge and valuable new techniques with our customers.